Audio Conferencing enables customers to communicate information to key audiences in a timely manner, greatly increasing the speed of decision making and reducing travel expenses associated with face-to-face meetings.

Audio Conferencing Services Include:

bulletDial Out Conferencing
Coordinators call participants to connect them to the conference. This service allows charges to be billed to one party.

bullet1+Meet Me Conferencing
Using a pre-assigned telephone number, participants dial directly into the conference. This Meet-Me service allows participants to utilize their own long distance service rates.

bullet800 Meet Me Conferencing
Participants dial a pre-assigned 800 number to access the conference. This 800 service allows all bridge charges and long distance charges to be billed to one party.

bulletUnattended Conferencing
The moderator and participants can dial into a conference without the assistance of a Communications Coordinator. If needed, the Coordinator can be requested by pressing * and O.


A Variety of Optional Services Are Also Available:

ball Lecture Mode Conferencing ball Subconferencing
ball Cassette Taping Services ball Digital Replay Service
ball Conference Security ball Electronic Q&A
ball Electronic Voting ball Transcription and Translation
ball Broadcast Fax to Conference Participants


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