Here is a partial listing of the manufacturers which we represent.

3Com - Bridges, Routers, Hubs, Network Management

ACC - Bridges, Routers

Adtran - DSU/CSU, T1 DSU/CSU, Channel Banks, Muxes, Terminal Adapters

Ascend - Bridges, Routers, ISDN Access Equipment, Inverse Muxes

Cisco - Bridges, Routers, Terminal Servers

Livingston - Communications Servers, Routers, Firewalls

Micom - Voice/data Compression Muxes

Motorola - DSU/CSU, FRADs, Modems, Terminal Adapters

Newbridges - Muxes (voice/data, inverse, drop/insert), channel banks, bandwidth managers

Silicon Graphics - Web Servers and workstations

U. S. Robotics - Modems (standalone and rack mount), Access Servers

Our access to quality products is not confined to those listed. We maintain relationships with many additional manufacturers. If you are interested in a product not listed here, contact your CodyCom representative.

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