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Codycom offers a unique platform of enhanced fax services that will enable your business communication needs to become more efficient and effective. Broadcast Fax, Fax on Request and FaxForms services help you deliver documents to and receive responses from key audiences quickly, speeding up decision making and greatly improving the effectiveness of daily business communications.

Enhanced Fax Services Include:
Broadcast Fax Services

Broadcast Fax services allow you to send the same document to multiple people, anyqwhere from one to thousands, simultaneously. Pre-defined lists of recipients are stored and maintained on Unidial's network. Clients can send their lists to FirstFax vis fax using our toll-free access numbers.

Fax On Request Services

Fax on Request gives key audiences access to our customers' important information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When clients transmit their documents to Unidial FirstFax, we store them on our computers. Your organization's clients and other audiences dial your personal access number and receive the requested documents in minutes via fax.


FaxForms is an interactive service that allows customers to process surveys, multiple choice exams, ballots and other forms. Simply send the completed form to Unidial, either by fax or mail, and it is scanned and analyzed by the system. The FaxForms system helps eliminate the time consuming manual data entry associated with traditional forms processing.

Features of Enhanced Fax Services

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