Ultima Card

Ultima Card

Ultima Card

Would you like one convenient card that lets you manage everyday business communications and gives you access to all your communications needs, from long distance phone calls and conference calls, to faxes and voice mail?

Your UniDial Ultima Card will connect you to over 200 million telephones throughout the world. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The UniDial Ultima Card is the most convenient way to handle all of your communications needs with one card, one number.

Your phone number can be your authorization code. It's easy to use. Just dial an 800 number, then enter your authorization code and PIN number, and you're in...access to your own office away from home.

Talk to a CodyCom Agent about the UniDial Ultima Card. When it comes to business communications, the UniDial Ultima Card gives you the world.


One Card: The UniDial Ultima Card provides worldwide access to all of today's business communications needs.

One Number: Because your phone number can be your authorization code, the UniDial Ultima Card is easy to use. Or choose your own authorization code--a number that is easy to remember. Also, you choose your own 4 digit PIN number for easy recall.

One Statement: Everything from faxes to voice messages to long-distance calls will be itemized on one statement.

Of course, UniDial's enhanced billing and customized management reports are provided at no extra charge. Plus, you're billed in 6-second increments after and 18-second initial period for domestic usage; 30-second initial period for international termination.


Long-Distance Calling: You may never have to make expensive long-distance calls from hotels or pay phones again.

International Long-Distance Calling: There is security in knowing that the UniDial Ultima Card has you covered. Our services are available to most countries, with toll-free access. The UniDial Ultima Card also offers international origination from over 40 countries.

4-Way Conference Calling: Your one card and one number make conference calls easy, whether you're across the country or around the world. And because you don't need an operator to set up your conference, it's the most convenient conference call you'll ever make.

Fax Mail: The UniDial Ultima Card offers a fax mailbox, so you can receive or send faxes wherever you may be. Your fax will be stored in your mailbox until you direct it to the desired fax location with no third party interference.

Voice Mail: Receive or leave a voice message from a phone anywhere. Send voice mail messages to associates, clients, or even family card holders--regardless of time zones. To retrieve messages, just call your voice mail and you'll be notified that a new message is waiting for you.

Informational Services: Hear the latest in headline news, sports, and financial news, receive weather information, or choose soap opera updates or your daily horoscope. Stay in touch with any and all events.

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