Video Conferencing Applications:

Managements Meetings Training Interviews
Distance Learning Telemedicine Investor Relations
Engineering Telecommuting Market Research

Video Conferencing Services Include:
1+Meet Me Video Conferencing
Using a pre-assigned telephone number, participants dial directly into the conference. This Meet-Me service allows participants to utilize their own long distance service rates.

Dial Out Video Conferencing
Coordinators call participants to connect them to the conference. This service allows charges to be billed to one party.

Multiple Conference Speeds
Unidial provides standard-based and proprietary-based video conferencing services at 112/128 kbps through full T-1 inclduing any NX56 and NX64 data rate combination for both domestic and international calls.

Carrier Interoperability
Unidial's service will provide you with total interopability between carriers on the same point-to-point or multipoint conference. In addition, by utilizing our 100% digital, fully-redundant network, you have access to multiple carriers.

Variety of Enhanced Services To Meet Your Video Needs:

End-to-End Diagnostics ASAP/Adhoc Conferences
Flexible Conference Modes Video Taping Services
Conference Security Audio Conferencing Add-On Services
Broadcast Fax to Conference Participants