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Would you like to stay in contact with civilization
from virtually anywhere on the planet?

This is a feature-packed communications service that offers up to 55% savings on your long distance calling card...Plus voice mail, fax services, and a whole lot more.

No other calling card offers you more than GlobalAxcess. More savings. More features. More convenience. And, you can use your GlobalAxcess card from 30 international locations, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and other popular travel destinations.

You're always accessible...and so are your associates with the GlobalAxcess Communications Card.

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Call now and the first 10 minutes of your long distance calling are FREE!

Activate your GlobalAxcess card account now by calling


24 Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week

#'s Needed To Activate Card
Agent # 1104
Order ID # 106

To Place A Call:
  1. Dial toll-free access number
  2. Enter card number
  3. Dial the destination number

To Make Additional Calls:

  1. Don't Hang Up!
  2. Press the # for two seconds.
    Wait for voice prompt.
  3. Dial Area Code + Number
Special Services:
  1. Dial toll-free access number
  2. Enter card number
  3. Press the Star key *, then a single digit.
*2 Voice Mail
*3 Fax Mail
*4 Speed Dial
*5 Conference Calling

Customer Service 1-800-616-6356

Go Ahead And Compare

GlobalAxcess AT&T MCI Sprint
1 Minute Call - within US


$1.10 $1.09 $1.10
3 Minute Call - within US


$1.70 $1.69 $1.70
5 Minute Call - within US


$2.30 $2.29 $2.30
United Kingdom to United States


$6.98 $6.96 $6.62
Germany to United States


$9.11 $9.09 $8.60
Published rates effective January, 1995.


FAX MAIL - Fax mailbox service lets you stay in the loop, even when you're out of town.

VOICE MAIL - Send and receive voice mail messages...and never miss an important call again.

SUPER SAVINGS ON WORLDWIDE LONG DISTANCE CALLING - You can call anywhere in the world from home or up to 55% savings over AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.

SPEED DIALING - Gives you fast access to clients or associates

CONFERENCE CALLING - A great crisis management tool - no operator needed!

You get all this plus convenient credit card billing, too.

When you use your GlobalAxcess card, your calls are billed directly to your credit card. So you receive just one clearly itemized, easy-to-read statement per month verifying all your calls. It's as simple as that.

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