$$$ Saving Telephony Information

New Toll-Free Numbers-888

Toll-free 800 numbers have been around for more than 20 years, their convenience has made them very advantageous.

Since March 1996, the new code - 888 - was introduced nationwide. Like the 800 numbers, 888 numbers are free to the caller. The business or person who subscribes to the number pays for the call.

You can't interchange the 888 for the 800 numbers and get through to the same person or company.

Pacific Bell Customers

If you have a touch-tone phone and would like to order custom calling services or check your balance call 1-800-241-3000 (toll free). Their automated ordering systems allows both small business and residential customers to order services or receive information without having to speak to a representative.

  • You can pay your bill
  • Order custom calling services without a $5 surcharge.

    Pacific Bell Customer Service Nationwide

    Residential Customers - 1-800-310-2355
    Business Customers - 1-800-750-2355

    Programming Voice Processing

    First, tell the department or person first. Then the number to dial, e.g. "For XYZ company directory, dial 3." If you say the number to dial first, people will forget.

    Leave Your Fax # On Voice Mail

    Include your fax # during your voice mail message. They can at least send a fax if you're not there.

    Telephony Peripherals
    Do They Tell You To Stick It In Your Ear?

    Try this incredibly good looking multipurpose product. The Jabra Ear Phone, both a microphone and full-duplex speakerphone, fits in your ear, can make your time with the telephone extremely enjoyable. That's right, the whole thing. Never pick up your receiver again. Look like a secret service agent with this cool product. Contact Jabra toll-free @ 1-800-327-2230 or visit Jabra . Tell them CodyCom sent you.

    Are You Accidentally Interupting Your Calls?

    Are your voice and fax transmissions on the same line? Use a privacy extension cord or a busyline switch. They plug into a phone jack just like any other phone cord and disconnects other extensions when that phone is being used. Visit Hello Direct to order yours today.

    Would You Like To See When You Have Voice Mail?

    Do you have to pick up the receiver in order to hear that you have voice mail? With this little device it will light up when there is a message waiting for you. Visit Hello Direct to place your order.

    Tired Of Rushing All Over Town To Restart Your Hung Computer?

    Try the new intelligent surge protector PowerKey Pro by Sophisticated Circuits. Visit Mac Warehouse to order yours today. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-255-6227. This could be a real life saver.

    1. Start your computer and five peripherals with a single touch or by telephone
    2. Restart hung severs automatically or by telephone
    3. Protect entire system from power surges and system overloads.
    4. Included programmable software which will turn your Macintosh on or off, launch applications, back up programs and execute macros or AppleScripts, all unattended.

    Would You Like To Control Your Macintosh From Anywhere In The World?

    This is the PowerKey Remote by Sophisticated Circuits. Similar to the PowerKey Pro without as many outlets. Order this from Mac WareHouse.

    Feeling Restricted By Your Telephone Cord?

    Visit Hello Direct for cordless headsets and many other telephony peripherals to make your life a little easier.

    Have A Tireless Butler Announce All Your Calls

    YoYo, this peripherial works with caller id and your mac, by audio alerting the caller. You can have any sound or speach announce your callers. This neat device will also give you call logging, automatic paging, call blocking and more. Automatically block unwanted calls. Call 1-800-788-7751, or visit Big Island.

    This Could Save You Hundreds Or Thousands Of Moola!

    $$$ Saving Tips

    Payphones Can Be Rip-Offs

    Be careful when using payphones from carriers you don't know. Ask the operator what the charge will be. You could be charged $2/min for a 50-mile call. Use a calling card provided by CodyCom for greatest savings.

    Informing While On Hold

    88% of callers prefer messages-on-hold to other options (silence or local radio) Maximarketing. 20% of all callers will purchase what they hear about while on hold, HWI Hardware. 40% of all callers will stay on the phone longer if they have something to listen to, Ameritech.

    Don't Give Out Your Cellular Phone #

    Ask to receive a page when someone wants to get in touch with you. You can call them back immediately or find a land line, paying for cellular time only when you want to. Remember, you pay for them calling you. If you are outside of your local area this charge could be .99/min. CodyCom offers both pagers and calling cards.

    Save Up To 50% On Local Toll Calls

    If you pay for local plus toll charges from your local telephone company then you should bypass this charge by dialing the local access code , 10XXX, from your long distance carrier, before each call. You can save up to 50% plus receive 6 second billing increments . Instead of physically dialing this code each and everytime, program it into your speed dialer.

    Does A Phone System Drastically Reduced In Price Sound Great?

    If you're looking for telephone parts and equipment, want special service and savings from 30-75%, then look to the secondary market. You'll receive technical assistance, longer warranties and a large selection of equipment. The secondary trade association, North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers (NATD), can be reached at 201-444-8946, for concerns about a secondary dealer.

    Would You Like To Surf The Internet
    And Fly At The Same Time?

    Do you twiddle your thumbs when your flying wondering what to do? No more. You can surf the net or call your business associates with the GTE Airfone Service. Now with their flat rate service you can surf or talk, 10 minutes or two hours, for one low rate. You can register two #'s before flying and receive a 25% discount! Call 1-800-AIRFONE or visit their site at GTE for more information. Be the first in your city to have an Airfone # on your business cards. Way cool!