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Are you tired of paying what your local carrier charges for your IntraLa calls? Introducing IntraLATA call routing - a procedure that will reduce your long distance spending with your local telephone company. Now you can re-route "local long distance" calls to your specified carrier for significant cost savings.

IntraLATA Long Distance

Long distance calls that appear on your local telephone company's bill are known in the telecommunications industry as "IntraLATA." IntraLATA calls are sometimes referred to as "local long distance" and are calls which are totally within the Local Access and Transport Area (LATA). Today, many states* allow IntraLATA competition, and authorized long distance companies can carry this traffic if the calls reach their network.
Service is only available where authorized by state regulatory authorities.

IntraLATA Calling Zone

Your local telephone book has a section that may be titled "Local Long Distance" or "Calling Zones" that will include a map of your state. By locating this map, you can easily see what areas of your state comprise the IntraLATA calling zone. Some states' LATAs do overlap into other states, so be careful to check if your state is one of these.


In order for a carrier to carry the IntraLATA traffic, the customer must "force" the calls to the network by dialing "10XXX" prior to the long distance number called.
Dial: 10XXX + 1 + area code + phone number.


Increase your savings by avoiding the significantly higher local telephone company rates. Most calls routed to a carrier will be billed in 6 second increments after an initial 18 second period. (Most local telephone companies bill in one minute increments.)
ALL your long distance calls will be consolidated on one long distance bill.
Utilize project account codes on all IntraLATA calls for convenient record-keeping.


All IntraLATA calls routed to your carrier will be billed at the same low intrastate rates.*
*California rates may be different.


You can easily implement this cost saving procedure by sending out an interoffice memorandum explaining the IntraLATA dialing procedure you choose. And explain how it will produce cost savings for your company.

10XXX Routing Options

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