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UniDial Direct Access

UniDial Direct Access is a product designed for companies spending over $4,000 a month on long distance service. This dedicated access, outbound service maximizes T-1 digital transmission from the Point of Presence (POP) to your premises. Immediate access is provided by your Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). This assures the connection of your high-speed, error-free data or voice transmissions.

Outbound Dedicated Service: Your outbound dedicated access service is carried over the UniDial network utilizing the dependability of WilTel as the underlying carrier.
Operator Assisted Calls: Your operator assisted calls are billed by your Local Exchange Carrier (LEC).
On-Site Installation: You can depend on the customized installation coordinated by Team UniDial for your business' telecommunication needs.
Originating Service: Your company's out-reach will include service from the
Continental U.S.A., to the Continental U.S.A., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and over 200 countries worldwide.
Network Surveillance: Your network is protected by around the clock monitoring. This ensures the quality and connection of your calls.

Custom Management Reports: Detailed management reports are supplied at no additional fee, giving you insight to your company's long-distance usage.
Validated/Non-Validated Project Account Codes: No charge for non-validated 2-6 digit project codes. For a minimal fee you can group calls using 2-6 digit validated project codes to justify accounting costs and control your long distance charges.
UniDial Ultima Calling Card: Enhanced communications card lets you take your office with you on the road. Features include voice/fax mail, speed dial, 4-way conference calling, and all long distance calls using one card, one number.
Master Account Billing: Multiple locations can be consolidated into one bill at one location to simplify your billing needs.

Flat Rate Service: You are charged a flat rate per minute on domestic calls regardless of distance or time of day.
Term Discounts: Term discounts are available to meet your company's individual needs.
Installation Fee: There is a $500 installation fee per T-1 plus applicable LEC charges.
Monthly Access Charge: UniDial only passes through the monthly access charge from you company's Local Exchange Carrier (LEC).
6-Second Billing Increments: You will take advantage of the accurate and lower charges figured from 6-second billing increments after an initial 18-second period for domestic calls; 30-second initial period for international calls.

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