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UniDial's DS-3 Service is a very high-capacity, point-to-point digital private-line service designed for the full-duplex, isochronous transmission of digital signals at a speed of 44.736 Mbps. DS-3 Service provides the equivalent capacity of 28 DS-1 (1.544 Mbps) circuits or 672 DS-0 (64 Kbps) circuits.


    High volume voice and/or data transmission
    High-speed tie lines of intermachine trunks
    HIgh-speed trunking for feature group services
    High-speed trunking for exchange of traffic with other carriers
    Videoconferencing or broadcast


    End-to-end service coordination and billing
    Compatible with Bellcore and other industry standards for DS-3 private line service
    Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) objective of one hours


    Local loop or bypass facility
    DS-3 interconnection
    M13 multiplex service - DS-3 to DS-1 (LEC or WilTel)
    DS-3/DS-1 drop and insert
    Diverse routing

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